[Adobe Xd]リンクにパスワードが付けられない

Adobe Xdでお客さん向けのモックを作成中、パスワード付きのリンクオプションが見つからず、少し困ったので備忘録。

Adobe Support Communityに解決法が紹介されていたので、こちらの内容をシェアします。

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are unable to see the password option in XD. It looks like you are experiencing the issue on the files created in the previous version of XD.  Also, after password links are published, you cannot change the link access setting. If you want to change the access settings, you must create a new link. Please see this article for more info: https://helpx.adobe.com/xd/help/share-designs-prototypes.html#Howdoicreatelinksforsharingadesignspec…

Password Protect option is missing from SharePane in XD 30 version.